Pathology is the study or research to examine the disease through tissues, organs, bodily fluids, and the autopsies (whole-body). It seeks to observe and understand the mechanism of the affected area, such as injuries to the tissues and cells, along with the means of the body in responding and repairing the injuries. There are teams of medical scientists and staff in the centers of pathology who work is to determine or examine the samples from a person’s body to figure out what is causing the person for their bad health. It is exceedingly vital to get pathology second opinion if you are feeling something unusual or abnormal in your body.

Practice of pathology

The physicians who practice as the pathologists are often described as the doctor of a doctor because of few essential exceptions. Usually, they interact with the physician of the patient instead of interacting with the patient directly. The medical practices of the pathology are dedicated to the study of general diseases. The work of the pathologist is to continue the lead of examining, investigating, and observing the condition in order to provide the best solution possible to the patients, which helps in getting perfect pathology second opinion.

Pathologists perform in-depth, careful, and close examination of tissues and organs or body fluids by studying the process of diseases in the library. They are the ones who are responsible for the tests that are performed from the urine, blood, and other parts of the body. Recent researches have shown that we perform on average of 2 million tests per year in the section of clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, microbiology, and anatomic pathology.

Types of Pathology labs

  • Hospital Labs- You can witness the laboratory which supports the clinical service in almost all of the hospitals. Particularly, the service would include both clinical and anatomic pathology at the majority of the hospitals.
  • Public Health Labs- These labs are typically run by local and state health departments in order to protect and diagnose the health threats of the public, such as outbreaks of the infectious disease. These types of labs perform several tests in order to monitor the prevalence of diseases in a community that is concerned with the health of the public.
  • Reference Labs- The reference labs are generally private. They provide commercial facilities that do both specialty and volume laboratory testing. Most of these tests are usually referred by the office of physician’s hospital facilities and other facilities of patient care such as nursing homes, etc. Usually, the reference labs are located at the site other than the facilities of healthcare, as more often used for the test, which is specialized are ordered only occasionally.

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