A good number of cancer treatments are already marking their presence in this highly competitive marketplace. With the technology advancement taking place at a rapid pace, the types of Cancer treatment options are also increasing. One of the most important cancers diagnosing options is none other than Oncology. If you are recommended to get the Oncology done, but you’re still confused about whether you should get it done or not, feel free to rely on Oncology second opinion. With it, you are going to stay quite sure that the treatment which you are getting is worth it.

What is Oncology?

Oncology refers to a notable medicinal branch that includes the research, identification, and treatment of cancer. Those who serve the purpose of Oncology’s facilitation are known as the Oncologists.The most significant role of an Oncologist is to diagnose cancer with the help of X-ray, CT scanning, biopsy, or any other prevalent radiological method. Once done with the diagnosis, he makes the patient aware of cancer and its stage. With the help of staging, the oncologist would have the ability to treat the patient accordingly.

Subspecialties of Oncology:

There are three main subspecialties of Oncology, and they are mentioned below:

  1. Medical Oncology:

Under Medical Oncology, cancer treatment takes place with multiple therapeutic interventions. These include hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy.

  • Radiation Oncology:

With Radiation Oncology, the treatment of cancer is done through high-energy radiation so that the cells are destroyed in the finest manner.

  • Surgical Oncology:

As the name suggests, surgical oncology would do cancer treatment through a significant surgical intervention.

Treatment of Cancer:

For destructing the cancer cells present in the patient’s body, chemotherapy would be advised. Apart from that, there might be a need for radiation therapy as well, depending upon the need. If there is a need for surgery to remove tumors, that can also be performed. Thus, the kind of treatment would wholly depend upon the kind and stage of cancer. To ensure more about the treatment, people can also opt for Oncology second opinion.

A whole team effort is included when it comes to cancer treatment. There are two to three types of oncologists, and their team would include an oncology nurse and a pathologist. The oncology team is also known first to discuss the whole cancer case with the other medical experts and then come up with the best cancer treatment for the patient.

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