Cancer Treatment Options

A detailed guide on Cancer Treatment Options:

Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplantation

It is a treatment for some types of cancer where samples of bone marrow are collected and tested.


It is a drug therapy that aims to kill the rapidly-growing cancer cells in the body.

Getting Treatment in a Clinical Trial

These are surgical, behavioral or medical interventions done to evaluate a method of treating patients.

Immunotherapy and Vaccines

It is a type of treatment where the immune system is trained to identify and eradicate harmful substances.

Personalized and Targeted Therapies

It is the study of an individual’s tumor growth and genetic makeup to find out the most effective treatment strategy.

cancer treatment options

Radiation Therapy

It generally uses X-ray, protons or another form of energy to treat cancer.


Various types of cancer surgeries are performed to remove the cancerous tumor and nearby tissues during the procedure.

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Understanding Maintenance Therapy

This is generally the second round of treatment executed with medicines.

Integrative Medicine

It includes non-standard procedures to couple with the treatment and improves the health situation quickly.