The recent comparison of cancer in the USA and Europe reveals how bad the situation has become. The latest studies have found out that the people in the USA are more likely to die with the cancer ad compared to the people in Europe. Cancer is undoubtedly a fatal disease that has taken the lives of many. It is exceedingly vital to identify the symptoms of cancer in the earlier stages in order to get the successful Cancer Treatment in USA and Europe or wherever you reside at.

Types of cancer

The list of kinds of cancer is too long. There are plenty of cancer’s types which are lethal, and some of them does not show any sign or symptoms in their early stages. It is extremely recommended to consult with the doctor if you have ever sense and or feel something unusual in your body. It is never a good idea to avoid the signs given by your body. Let’s take a look at some of the common cancers that are most likely to occur in the people who resides in the USA and Europe. 

  • Bladder Cancer- The estimated new cases of bladder cancer are approximately around 80,470, and estimated deaths are 17,670
  • Breast Cancer- It is the most common type of cancer, which often occurs in the USA with the new cases of 268,600 and estimated deaths of 41,760.
  • Lung Cancer- People in Europe are more likely to come across this type of cancer. In 2018 there was a total of 470,039 new cases of lung cancer that has taken the lives of 387,913 people.
  • Prostate Cancer- The people in Europe are very much likely to come across this type of cancer and compared to the USA. In 2018,it had a total cases of 229,761 and estimated deaths of 107, 315 people. 
  • Colorectum Cancer- In 2018, Colorectum cancer had overcall cases, 499,677 people. It has taken the life of a total of 242,883 people in Europe. 
  • Stomach Cancer- The research shows that there were new cases of around 197,105 people in Europe, and it estimated deaths around 102,167 people in 2018.

There are several types of cancers, and all of them are deadly; therefore, it exceedingly essential to get in the touch of experts and get cancer treatment in the USA and Europe. It is very important to rely on the best place to get a successful treatment with an accurate second opinion.

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