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“Cancer widely affects relationships, families and friendships. Sometimes it brings people closer together; however, sometimes it creates distance.” – Aditya Saini,  CEO and Founder of Cancer N Cure.

CNC is an online healthcare platform with which we aim to educate and counsel you about the disease, its causes, symptoms and procedures. Our prime goal is to assist you and your family in finding the right pathway for timely cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

Cancer n Cure is cancer consulting firm that helps patient’s access better treatment options that might not have been considered yet. Our assessments are based on scientific and clinical data. We identify novel therapies that match each cancer patient’s unique circumstances


Aditya Saini is the founder and CEO at Cancer N Cure. For over a decade he has dedicated himself to the field of genetics digital pathology and artificial intelligence based platforms for Pathology and Radiology Imaging.

Through Aditya’s vast knowledge and expertise in the fields of healthcare, business, medicine and internet technology, he aims to develop a platform that provides the most sought-after and comprehensive cancer treatment information.

Aditya Saini

London School of Economics

This Portal Is Formed In the Memory Of Late N.C Bakshi

Through the treatment options available in India, Germany and the USA we hope to bridge the gap between national/international organizations and patients. We publish in-depth and easy-to-read medical guides and papers which will usher you into the medical journey leading you to the right path. In Loving Memory Of Late N.C Bakshi

Planning The Right Treatment

We help you in deciding the correct pathway from Right Cancer Diagnosis to  treatment options available in India, United States of America and Germany

We Are Here To Help You

More than 50 % of the cases in India arrive in stage 3 or 4 and that decreases their survival. WHO report says India has highest number of morality to incidence ratio in the whole world. There is a need for holistic approach towards cancer treatment .

We offer well planned Treatment Path Way from prevention to early detection and options for getting treated in Germany and United States Of America making cancer treatment affordable and accessible to patients in India .

Moreover our consultants will guide you through complete journey of Cancer Treatment and Rehab Support

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